Rožňava Circuit

Vyšná Slaná, Lutheran Church

The Lutheran Church in Vyšná Slaná is a dominant feature of its surroundings. It is located in the centre of the village, under the majestic Veľký Radzim hill (990.5 m above sea level). Its east-west orientation itself indicates its medieval origin. It is a single-nave late Gothic building with a wedge-shaped end of the chancel from the period around 1506. The entire mass of the church with an atypical end of the chancel and the lower level of the tower come from this period as well. At first glance, only a few of the Gothic details have been preserved, for example the saddle portal to the sacristy or the wrought iron bars of the entrance to the tower. However, no research has yet been carried out here which could reveal interesting findings. Since the time of the Reformation, the church has been belonging to the Lutheran church. It underwent modifications during the Renaissance in the 17th century. The double window with pilasters on the tower and the Renaissance sgraffito arcature of the corner of the tower, now covered with plaster, date from this period. The sanctuary ceiling was finished with a cross vault. The nave is vaulted with three bays of a cross vault.

The church underwent an extensive renovation around 1764, in the baroque period, when it got its current character. In this period, the tower was built, nowadays finished with a crown cornice with a clock dial and a baroque helmet with a lantern. The last significant changes date from 1936.

The interior contains valuable baroque furniture. It is dominated by a polychrome altar from 1743. On the predella there is a painting of the Last Supper, in the retable there is a centrally located relief of Christ carried by angels with statues of St. Peter and St. Paul on the sides. They are lined with Solomonic columns and richly decorated ears. The upper part of the altar bears an interesting relief of angels carrying the ark of the covenant, above which is God the father, statues of Moses and Aaron and two angels. Two candlesticks with mining motifs are placed on the altar, one of them from 1787. 

Wooden patronage benches are placed behind the altar. The pulpit is older, from 1707, as indicated by the inscription in old Slovak language. The donor was local landowner Andrej Šebek. The baptismal font dates to the first half of the 18th century. Part of the church nave is a three-armed painted Protestant matroneum from 1760. On the gallery there is a one-manual Rieger brand pipe organ from 1903, located in the Gothic Revival organ cabinet.

In the village you can also find two inconspicuous manors, the early baroque Šebek manor from 1700 (today an inn, house no. 96) and the younger Stankovič manor, house no. 53, rather bearing signs of a folk house.


Architecture: gothic Construction: around1506
Church: Lutheran Patrocinium: –
Circuit: Rožňava


Contact person: Mgr. Karmen Želinská, priest
Phone contact: +421 911 297 209