Activities, European Heritage Label

Medieval murals awarded European Heritage Label

Almost a year since the nomination for the registration of medieval murals at Gemer and Malohont, we can proudly announce that our nomination was sucessfull! An international expert panel at the European Commission has decided to award medieval murals in lutheran churches in Koceľovce, Ochtiná, Štítnik, Kameňany, Kraskovo, Kyjatice, Rimavská Bana and Rimavské Brezovo and Roman Catholic churches in Chyžné, Rákoš and Šivetice and in the church of the Reformed Church in Plešivec with European Heritage Label (EHL).

The submitted project was approved with a schedule of activities until the end of the 2026, which were pre-negotiated with many partners: from the churches themselves, through the Regional Tourism Organization Gemer (OOCR Gemer), Banská Bystrica and Košice self-governing regions and institutions under their jurisdiction, the Slovak National Gallery and international entities. All parties are committed to work together in accordance with the timetable to support the EHL brand infrastructure, at specific events that will bring a lot of culture and interesting people to the Gemer and Malohont region in the coming years, attract all ages (especially young people) and create a modern presentation of centuries-old frescoes on various platforms. In this way, they present the common story of Europe in our territory, where different economic, political and cultural influences have been mixed for centuries. At the end of this period, we will have the evaluation, monitoring and preparation of the next 4-year continuation.

The project itself does not promise any direct funding, but through a detailed cooperation strategy, it has great potential to seek and successfully apply for various forms of support that will have a positive impact on the entire region. The approved schedule also remembers sustainability and cooperation with local, resp. helping hand in launching this ambitious initiative.

Already this year, we are preparing a much richer program for you to the extent that we could not have imagined a few years ago. The award and the interest of all participated is a huge satisfaction that our long-term volunteer work makes great sense and that the efforts of other enthusiasts in the field of monument protection or tourism are not in vain.

We thank all our partners for their support and enthusiasm, and we look forward to work together to move Gemer and Malohont together. Special thanks go to the official applicant, Mrs. Janka Miháliková from the church congregation ECAV Rimavské Brezovo, Banská Bystrica and Košice self-governing regions for the determination, administrative and financial patronage of the whole nomination, OOCR Gemer for broad support of the project and of course Livia Gažova without which the brand would not have been awarded to Slovakia in 2021.